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by Anahit Isunts

        I was born on 29 December 1958 in village Tegh (Sunic, Armenia). I grew up in the environment where the unique samples of embroidery were preserved. My dream has always been to create with my own hand such kind of works which will reflect our national traditions.
     After moving to Yerevan with my parent. I entered Art Studio. Here I studied different directions (styles) of stitching such as sewing (needlework), embroidery, shuttle, gobelin and etc.
     In 1987 I was invited to teach in the same Studio. It was honour for me to teach in the place where I had studied. In 1992 I was invited to teach in Ijevan's Applied Art University.
     My works have been shown in different countries such as USA, Canada, Syria, Russia and etc.
     The aim of this page is to represent my unique works to the society who appreciates art and to contribute to the development of art, to create and bring up new generation with the spirit of national traditions.
     If you want to cooperate or you have any offers, please contact me:
Anahit Isunts,
7 Tigran Mets str., 375010 Yerevan, Armenia.
Tel: (3741) 521107

Anahit Isunts
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