Garen Hovakimian


2003 First Beijing International Art Biennale, China
2002 Exhibition dedicated to 70th anniversary of Artists' Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
2001 Solo exhibition, UN office, Yerevan, Armenia
2000 Solo exhibition, Paris, France
1999 Third solo exhibition in the artist's own yard
1998 Second solo exhibition in the artist's own yard
1996 Exhibition "Painters in Armenian Fine Arts" NY, USA
1995 Solo exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia
1994 Solo exhibition, Frankfurt and Manheim, Germany
1994 Solo exhibition, Brussels, Belgium
1993 First solo exhibition in the artist's own yard
1990 Solo exhibition, Tampera, Finland
1987 First solo exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia

Garen Hovakimian

Born in 1960, in Yerevan, Armenia.
Member of Artists' Union of Armenia since 1992
1986     Graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts, Armenia.


   Garen's works do not distract one from modem rhythms. In his paintings everything is on the move like the favorite forms of Action Art artists and something always happens, goes on as in the compositions of old Flemish Masters.
   Garen has never visited Van Gogh's homeland nor seen Jackson Pollack. Bat he is one of the rare individualities who born away from Holland and America is closely connected with the artistic heritage of these two countries.
   Garen does nor promise the art lover serenity, peace of mind nor bliss. His path is that of movement, passion, energy and will power. And it implies freshness, full-flowing blood circulation, youth and flight to the unknown and far away worlds.
   A person to whom these concepts are alien, however does not get in touch with these works of art in vain and those who are ready to tread unknown paths have found in the person of Garen a spiritual helmsman who infects everybody, even those who do not share his views with the beauty, freshness and freedom of the universe.

Martin Mikaelian
Art critic

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