Cryptographical  matrix the code of the Pyramid


I’m Petros Petrosyan from Armenia. I was born in 1962. In 1985 I graduated from Yerevan Engineering University. I am married and I have 2 children. Since 1988 I have been seriously interested in the problems connected with the origin and predestination of the pyramids. During these nearly 14 years I have thoroughly got acquainted with the whole history concerning the pyramids.I know the orthodox theory of the origin and predestination of the pyramids,quite well.I am aware of the opinions of many pyramidologists as well. I must tell you, that the official Egyptology is not always right in everything what concerns the origin and predestination of the pyramids.But its academic methods of  thinking are close to my soul.I’m deeply convinced,that Egyptology is wrong in the main point and this is in the following: Standing firm on the well-known Egyptological theory,that pyramids are only mausoleums of pharaohs,they have utterly closed the door,through which the true decision of the given question had to enter. Pyramidology is right just in the main question thinking hypotetically,that the pyramid can’t only be the mauusoleum of a certain king. The stimulating motives bringing to such suppositions don’t always give way to academic demands of modern science,however in the depths of such suppositions one may find a certain share of truth. I must tell you, that I don’t always agree with Pyramidology.But I’m frankly thankful to it for the spiritual impulse which changed my inner world and made me get at the heart of the matter-the truth.Egyptology helped me in the question of consistency and its academic character.As you know many pyramidologists from different countries support the hypothesis,according to which the pyramid is concidered to be a coded message to mankind. I truly support this hypothesis and after long investigations having lasted for years,I tried to prove it with the help of my book “Pyramids: The Key to the Code of Self-Destruction”,which was published in 2002 in the “Edit Print” Publishing House in Armenia. ISBN 99930-935-2-1

And it began in this way. In 1988 I read a short article according to which not only once human civilizations had been destroyed because of the practical usage of some mysterious knowledge. The people who had survived,fased indescribable deprivations and sufferings and they passed on the reason of their prosperity and rapid destruction to other generations.

Finally they immortalized this reason in a monument in the way of coded information. Then it was also spoken about the monument,which was the pyramid. Due to long meditations I made suppositions according to which,if we accept,that the abovementioned monument is the pyramid,in this case one must answer two principally important questions.

1. What does it  represent?

    How must be the hypotetically supposed code of the pyramid?

2. In what way may be coded the information we are interested in?

 Proceeding from the fact of the existence of many pyramids with different geometrical characteristics, I concluded, that if we consider that the above-mentioned monument is the pyramid in this case its size is not of principal importance from the point of its cryptographical value. Not at once,but gradually I came to a very important conclusion. In some definite period of my investigations,I finally understood, that both the essence and the mystery of the supposed code must be looked for in the platitude of the study and usage of some praktical peculiarities of the geometrical form of the pyramid. Since the beginning of 1992 I was principally ready how to answer these 2 above-stated questions, and my further work only confirmed the bases of such readiness. Now I’d like to introduce you to the main results of my investigations.

The following things were ascertained by me:

1. The pyramid is not only the mausoleum for the pharaoh, and the main motives, which were the source of its construction, were not in this platitude. Here it must be emphasized, that Egyptology has never accepted even the thought of any serious discussion on the problem concerning the code of the pyramid, being in constant contradictions with pyramidology mainly in this cause.

Thus Egyptology deprived itself of the chance of taking part in finding ways for the  true resolution of this problem.

2. All architectural-construction parametres of the pyramid are of no principal significence from the point of their cryptographical value. Trying to solve the problem of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid, many pyramidologists often turned to different pseudo-mathematical interpretations, which were nearly always connected with the geometrical parametres of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Following this way, every time pyramidology considerably stands aside from the true way of solving the given problem.

3. The essence of the code is hidden in those peculiarities of the geometrical form of the  pyramid, which stipulate the definition of the given geometrical form.

4. I fixed the principal model of the cryptographical matrix the code of the pyramid. The principal model of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid consists

of 365 small pyramids, which from the facets of the 14-stepped big pyramid.

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Cryptographical Matrix the Code of the Pyramid

5. It was settled, that the Bible has the very direct relationship with the suggested code. In addition, some parts in the Bible at the same time are the constituent parts of the code and keys for its deciphering.

6. The figures 365 and 14 are considered to be one of the main keys in deciphering it.

7. The coded information about concrete extents, which is difficult for me to express, refers to the principal aspects in the formation of the Solar system, the planet Earth, bases of the Matter organization, factors creating time and many other things as well. 8. In the process of investigations on the principal model of the code, I finally undertood, that the information, which interests us-is coded in the way of various geometrical compositions, which are fixed in the structure of the code itself. Geometrical compositions of small pyramids can be both flat and volume-spatial.

9. Whit the help of the academical methods of mathematical analysis of definite geometrical compositions of small pyramids are received concrete figure systems and mathematical equations and their essence and significence are always defined with the help of  the periodical list of the chemical elements.

Investigations on the principal model ofthe hypotetically supposed code of the pyramid, brought me to the following important conclusions and it will be difficult not to value it in the course of time. Connected with it, I’dlike to remined you of the well-known Law of Kepler, according to which planets rotate round the Sun in elliptical orbits and the Sun is in one of the focuses of the ellipse.




The energy emitted by the Sun is received during the process of thermonuclear reaction.As a result of it from 4 atoms of Hydrogen( H) is received 1 atom of Helium( He)


4P --> He4 + 2e+


And what is there in the other focus of the elliptical orbit of the planets?

As you see this question is not dictated as a simple curiosity. Partial deciphering of the mathematical code of the pyramid showed the following: The energy which is absorbed by the 2nd focus of the elliptical orbit of the planets is nothing else but information. In the same focus as a result of still unknown synthesis from 1 atom of Helium ( He) are received 4 atoms of Hydrogen ( H). If in the case of the Sun we say that the thermo-nuclear synthesis is accompanied by the exhaust of thermal and radioactive energy, in the case of the 2nd focus, we can’t say that, because the synthesis is not thermo-nuclear and is not accompanied by the exhaust, but by absorbing energy, which can’t be characterized as either thermal or radioactiv. It is supposed, that from the 2nd focus of the elliptical orbit of the planets is absorbed the information which is separated from the physical body, when any biological unit dies, both in flora and fauna. What concerns the information value, any aliveunit can be characterized as information bearing one. After death of any biological unit, the information having benn stored by them during the life-time, that’s to say, their life experience can’t be lost. I think, that from the 2nd focus of the elliptical orbit of the planets is absorbed the life experience of all the carriers of biological life. It turns out that the cup of the world experience is stored in the 2nd focus. I think probably there must exist the law of conservation of energy or life experience.

The energy which absorbs all the above-stated energy differs both in quality and principle from the energy which is emitted by the Sun. I am sure, that this is the reason why humanbeings can’t revel the 2nd focus in the real aspect. Probably this is the reason, why people begin to fix attention on the 2nd focus after death.

The rightness of this conclusion is even given by the people who have gone through clinical death. They all say one and all that they had seen the dazzling source of light where they all were directed to. As you remember, the construction of the pyramid, suggested by me, according to my deep convictions is a mathematical cryptogram and it had 14 steps and consisted of  365 small pyramids.

And the figures 365 and 14 were the first keys for cryptographical analysis. At first I always thought of what these figures 365 and 14 meant. Then having a look at the diagram of the Solar system, I noticed, that


3-is Venus

6-is Jupiter

5-is Mars

Look at the diagram, please.

Thus the figure 365 can be expressed in the following way:

Taking into consideration, that 365 is the number of the days in a year, I tried to find

out, what the figures 3, 6 and 5 could mean together.

 365 means 3+6+5=14

And what does the figure 14 mean?

Looking at the diagram of the Solar system mentioned above, we see,that 1-is the Sun and 4-is the Earth. Comparing the decimal system of figures with the Solar system, I got the following scheme;



Looking at the column, which corresponds the planet Earth, we shall see, that the picture received as a result, is the horizontal projection of the pyramid.


Looking at the geometrical structure of the pyramid, it is not difficult to see, how the figure 14 is the combination of the figures 1 and 4 and in the same way the pyramid consists of 1 aquare basis and 4 facets. It isn’t difficult either to see, that we have one point on the top of the pyramid and four at the basis.

During my investigations just from the begining I analysed and paid great attention to both historical and religious literature, trying to find even one record connected with the code of the pyramid. I must tell you, such records I found just in the Bible. Being far from every kind of religious superstitions, I concentrated my attention especially on the comparative analyses.Now I represent 2 articles from the book “Revelation” by the apostle John.As for me, it is very interesting from the point of deciphering the code of the pyramid. If we read “The Revelation” by the apostle John Ch. 21/13-21, we shall find such expressions there.

1. Itsays “The city was perfectly square. Its length and width were equal”.

2. “The city has 3 gates; 3 on the East, 3 on the South, 3 on the Nort and 3 on the


3. “The square of the city is of pure gold like limpid glass”.

 Let’s analyse the first point.







a. If the city is square thus.

b. Its length and width are equal, X = Y.

Let’s analyse the second point.

The city has 3 gates on the East, 3 gates on the South, 3 on the Nort and 3 on the  West.


Text Box:

 If we divide the square into 3 equal parts we’ll get “3 gates” on each cide.  Besides taking into consideration the fact, that the Egyptian pyramids have austronomical perfect orientation, we can obviously see, that such a ferm we have in the  basis of the 3rd stem of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid.

As the planet Earth is also the 3rd one from the Sun, I tried to find out, what connection there could be between the picture received by the analysis of the given points in the Bible, the code of the pyramid, and the Solar system.The chain of the logical analyses was the following. On the one hand, we have the following picture, which is common both with the basis of the 3rd stem of the code and the city described in the Bible. On the other hand, the 3rd stem of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid from the top, is represented in the following way. As we see, on the 3rd stem of the code from the top, the field consists of the cells: 3 x 3 = 9



Text Box:  Text Box:


What information can give us figure 8 this fact?

On the basis of the 3rd stem of the code from the top, there are 9 cells, from which    

 8 cells are engaged with pyramids and 1 is vacant.

 In the way of mathematical equation if can be expressed in the following way:

                                       9 = 1 + 8

 I asked to myself, besides this clear mathematical truth what else this equation could

prompt us.

The answer to this question I found with the help of the list of chemical elements.

Looking at the list of chemical elements, it becomes clear, that 1-is Hydrogen (H )

and 8-is Oxygen (O). Now we can write:   9 = H + O

Taking into account the fact, that the planet Earth is the 3rd one from the Sun and that this experssion refers to the 3rd stem from the top of the code, it wasn’t difficult to understand that 9-is water (H2O), as the molecule of water also consists  of    3 atoms, 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen. Let’s go forward.

“The square of the city is of pure gold like limpid glass”- What can it mean? If we take this expression directly, the problem can’t be solved, as pure gold can’t be  like limpid glass.  Gold and glass have quite different chemical features. And if we look at the basis of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid, we shall see, that the field consisting of 14 x 14 = 196 cells is at its basis



What connection has the basis of the code with gold and glass?

Looking at the list of chemical elements, it is not difficult to see, that 14-is Silicium

( Si ) or the same glass, and 196-is Aurum ( Au ) gold. Thus it turned out, that 14-is glass and 196-is gold and they both are lying in the basis of the code. I am deeply convinced, that only due to this analysis, we can comprehend the biblical expression “The square of the city is of pure gold likelimpid glass”.

If turns out, that the Bible is full of allegorical codes and their diciphering can be of great help for the exact science.

And at last look at yor hand, please. It is “built” according to the princiole of the figure 14. The tumb is one ( 1 )and the rest of the fingers together are four (4). The thumb has 2 divisions and the other 4 fingers have 3 divisions. If turns out, that the total number of the finger divisions is also 14. In the icons the thumb of Jesus Crist is joined with the ring finger. What is it if not more symbolic expression of the figure 14. Look at the pictures, please.




In Israel, in Bethlehem, where jesus Crist was born, now there stands the Genesis Cathedral, and here is kept the 14-winged star, which had been given to Mariam by the prophets, as mentioned in the Bible. The advice of the 14-winged star becomes quite understadable connected with the problem of diciphering the hypothetically supposed code of the 14 stepped pyramid.




I want to bring one more example to show that the Bible is one of the main links in the chain of both knowledge and deciphering the cryptographical matrix the code of the pyramid. Revelation, John  ch.1/11-is spoken about 7 churches. It said, “Write down what you see, and send the book to the churches in these seven

cities: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.” If we take the map of the ancient world and find the names of the cities mentioned in ch.1/11 and put them in a circle, then we shall see quite clearly that these ancient cities remind us of the system of stars “ The Big Dipper “ and this is the mystery of seven stars mentioned in ch.1/20: “Here is the secret meaning of the seven stars that you see in my right hend, and of  the seven gold lampstands:”

Looking at the picture we’ll be sure in the rightness of this version in the following way. We fix the constellation of “ The Big Dipper “ withhout the third city that’s to say without the star mentioned by the name of Pergam. It turns out, that Pergam is our Solar system, and it is right, as observing the starry sky from the planet Earth,we  can’t find ourselves in the starry sky. The following appears.

The planet Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun. Our Sun is the 3rd star. The constellation of “ The Big Dipper “ is the 3rd constellation. Our galaxy is also the 3rd one.And at last we can say, that our visible universe is the 3rd heaven. The fact, that our heaven is the 3rd one is mentioned in the Bible.  2 Corinthians 12/2-3:

 I know a certain Christian men who fourteen years ago was snatched up to the highest heaaven ( I do not know wheter this actually happened or whether he had avison-only God knows ).  I repeat, I know that this men was snatched to Paradis, up to the 3rd sky.

That God has created the 7 heavens, is given both in the Bible, in the Koran and in other sacred books. For instance in the Koran, ch.41/11  the folloving evidence is given. “And he defined the 7 heavens to be created in 2 days and pointed out their own  functions.”

One of the most ancient records of the existence of the 7 heavens is given in “ The Vision of Hermes”. Here God shows Hermes his creation of the heavens in  iniature,  what represented the 7 eccentric spheres concluded one after another.  The folloving word, were written on each of these sphers:


1. Wisdom

2. Love

3. Justice

4. Beauty

5. Glory

6. Knowledge

7. Immortality


The Bible helped us to define, that our universe is the 3rd one. And due to “ The Vision of Hermes “ we define, that the predestination having been defined for the 3rd heaven by God is - Justice, as just because in the 3rd sphere was written this conception. That it corresponds to the facts, can make certain the existence of great number of constitutions, variouslaws, declarations and other legislative acts on our planet. This is one more revelation of the mystery in the Universal Hierarchy.

Based on great number  of facts I ascertained, that it is the 8th time, mankind has faced the fact of the world-wide catastrophies. The Flood in the times of the biblical Noah was the 8th and the last one. Consequently our civilization is the 9th one.

Gradually step by step I came to the conclusion, that for several times world-wide catastrophies were directly connected with the work of practical usage of the information, which had arisen from the dephs of the coded information of the pyramid.

The code of the pyramid like starry gates can open the way to the stars, but it can be a weapon of self-destruction for our civilization as well.

The history of science shows, that many scientific discoveries didn’t only serve for mankind, but were against people and civilizations.