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Karamasa learns that her parents are Armenians by birth and he leaves for Armenia in order to seek them. In the subsequent animations new details and consequences of her search will come to light. ALM show Karamasa & Karapetovich++
Finally Karamasa has been invited to ALM studio by Karapetovich. But who is a guest, Karapetovich or Karamasa? The important thing is that two of them are very popular and loved by millions of people. The little frog is sitting on the branch of the tree and gives a soft croak. To some it is not very interesting and even boring. To me I don't think so… see for yourself… Even those whose life seems to be cloaked in darkness are capable to love, deserve respect and attention. Congratulations on Valentines day!
A mischievous magician, Chertik by name, conjures and frightens his little audience by transforming into different characters. You can see for yourself what comes out of it! There exist very tiny insects such as bees whom, unfortunately, we most often fail to notice around us. But the insects are really pleasant to look at, they are tiny. One should try to notice all the beautiful things in everything. Virtual acquarium for those who care for fish. A little bear is idly walking to and fro and is causing no trouble around.

gif animations

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