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1 Feb, 2003

* Happy Birthday m'shok !!!
You know ... you're the best. Hope 2 C ya soon :)))

24 Jan, 2003

MissKippy and I have posted several more Crowley books on ebay. But this will be it for a while. For those who may be interested, there is a really nice "Book of Thoth." This is a first edition thus (1969) complete with the dust-jacket. The only thing better would be the 1944 original (which goes for around $4,000.00). There is also a true first edition of Crowley_s "LIBER ALEPH" (The Book of Wisdom or Folly) which also has the very scarce dj and a tipped-in photo of Crowley. Other titles include "The Heart of the Master", "The Rites of Eleusis", "Khing Kang King" (hardcover!), "Rosa Mundi" (rare limited Neptune press version) and "The Great Beast." For those who want something "darker", there is a limited edition grimoire ("The Grimoire of Pope Honorius" #141) which has marbled endpages, a black silk ribbon, and comes in a cloth slipcase. And we_ve saved the best for last. Under KENNETH GRANT, you_ll see that we_ve posted two books. The first is the extremely rare 1st edition "OUTSIDE THE CIRCLES OF TIME." This is the eighth book of the Typhonian Trilogies (and the only early Grant work that has NOT been reprinted). This comes with a very fine dust-jacket. The second is the DELUXE EDITION of "BEYOND THE MAUVE ZONE." This one is bound in quarter black goatskin, with handmade paper, purple head and tail bands, and is LIMITED TO ONLY 71 COPIES! The book has been SIGNED by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. Mint condition. Thanks, and happy bidding.

16 Jan, 2003

For those who are interested, we’ve just added a few more Crowley firsts to the occult book gallery on Danny’s website( One of these books is so rare that even the most diligent collectors of Crowleyana won’t ever hold a copy in their (hopefully) well-scrubbed hands. This is the first edition of THELEMA (or THE HOLY BOOKS of THELEMA), sometimes referred to as the vellum books because of their small white vellum boards. In Crowley’s lifetime, copies of the privately published book (by Anonymous in 1909/10 - one of the many aliases used by A.C.) were distributed to students of the A.A.* system. There were three volumes in all (although a few sets were bound together in one volume),with volume three containing Liber AL vel Legis (Liber CCXX - 220 - The Book of the Law), making it the first edition of this pivotal Crowley work. I encourage you all to go take a look at "The Book." * A.A. are the initials for Astron Argon, a Greek phrase meaning "Silver Star." We’ve also photographed (Giunca) and posted a first edition copy of Liber 333 (THE BOOK OF LIES, falsely called). The first thing people might notice is that the cover of this small format book was created utilizing the same die as that of THELEMA. As this is one of the most mysterious of all Crowley publications, I have included several pages of text in an attempt to show that all is not what it seems when it comes to the identity of the so-called "accursed chapter" which allegedly encodes and reveals the most important secret of O.T.O. sex-magick. Next, take a look at a couple of copies of Liber AL vel Legis that were issued by the O.T.O in London (1938) and Pasadena, California (1942). These (then) inexpensive paper-bound volumes were also distributed to students of Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis or anyone interested in the Law of Thelema. Today, they are about as close as anyone can get to owning a ‘first edition’ copy of AL. In the days to come we plan on adding several more firsts, including two different issues of KNOX OM PAX (black cloth and white buckram with gold blocking) and a DELUXE COPY of THE EQUINOX. Later we will post photos and a brief commentary on a complete set of THE CARFAX MONOGRAPHS by Kenneth Grant, which features nine original pen and ink drawings by Steffi Grant. As with the other books mentioned, these are rarely found, and rarely seen, even by hard-core collectors. And best of all, there’s no admission, folks. * If you’re so inclined, you might want to buy a tee-shirt that features the Sigillum Dei Carey. Don’t make us resort to using a model with big t**s.

15 Jan, 2003

... and many more.

14 Jan, 2003

"I am writing to ask what (if any) knowledge you have about Claude Vorilhon and his followers which call themselves "Raelians" who have claimed that they have produced the first human clone and named her "Eve." You may know nothing about him or his ideas, but I would like to hear your views on the whole human cloning issue............ if you don’t mind." A:
Yes, let’s give them a little more publicity, shall we. As I understand it, on December 13 or 14 (a significant date), 1973, an apparently non-human entity revealed to Claude Vorilhon that humanity was living in the Biblical End Times. It was during a hike in his native France, that Vorilhon encountered a UFO from which a small glowing being emerged. This angel/pilot was wearing a green suit emblazoned with a symbol that combined the swastika with a Star of David (the now familiar symbol which the Raelians string in lights on rooftops in Las Vegas, etc.). After explaining why he Vorilhon was selected to impart an important message to mankind (with the contactee receiving insights into certain relevant Biblical passages), the next morning the glowing child gave him the new name, "Rael." and a mission. (NOTE: Rael’s belief that humankind was created by a genetic engineering by an advanced race of extraterrestrial beings who were later split on the decision to do so is similar in many ways to Zecharia Sitchin’s theory as outlined in his 12th Planet/Earth Chronicles, with the two factions, Enlil/Yahweh and Enki/Satan being at odds with man’s development). "Rael" then went on to write about his experiences and to warn the world that the Biblical Elohim were... well, pissed off. If we didn’t change our ways, and do so soon, we’d get the Sodom and Gomorrah treatment. According to Rael (via the ET being), in order to avoid this, and to make further progress as a species, we would first need to eliminate democracy: "you must eliminate elections and votes that are completely ill-adopted to the current evolution of mankind... a world government and new monetary system must be created. A single language will serve to unify the planet..." But as to RAEL/Vorilhon’s interest in genetics and cloning, I think I may have found the (REAL) answer. In his brilliant book "Messengers of Deception" (published in Berkeley, CA. in 1979), author Jacques Vallee writes about a public lecture that he attended in San Francisco in December of 1976 in which Rael was the guest speaker. Although many in the audience seemed bored by the priest’s doomsday message, with several people soon walking out, Vallee tells us that they missed "the bathtub episode." In Vorilhon’s book " Beings From Outer Space Took me to Their Planet", the French contactee says that he was shown "a splendid-looking dark-haired girl" who appeared in a luminous three-dimensional cube. A robotic being asked him if he liked her and wished to have different shapes or a modified face, to which Vorilhon answered that he found her perfect. The "machine" then produced five more girls who went with Vorilhon to his place where he was treated to a most enjoyable bath with these delightful things who, he said "submitted to all my desires." CLONING, PINEAL DMT, AND THE SPIRIT As to whether or not the geneticists associated with the Raelian movement have successfully cloned the first human being, only time will tell. Before anyone in the scientific community takes these claims seriously (as opposed to believing the whole thing is merely a hoax for publicity or for further funding), "Clonaid" will need to have irrefutable proof in the form of a DNA sample from both the parent and child as analyzed/verified by an independent, highly-respected source. With the legal proceedings of this January 22, this might not happen (at least in the USA), for fear that the baby will be taken from her mother. Although I understand the various issues (regarding the age of the chromosomes in cells that may have caused the accelerated aging and other problems in recently cloned animals), what really interests me is the idea of the spiritual role of the pineal gland in the human embryo’s formation (as well as the "soul’s" rebirth with regards to the Bardo Thodol [Tibetan Book of the Dead] and other ancient traditions). It takes forty-nine days from conception before the first signs of the pineal gland appears in the fetus, (See DMT, the SPIRIT MOLECULE by Rick Strassman M.D.) but, synchronistically enough, as Doctor Strassman points out in his ground-breaking book, according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it also takes forty-nine days for the soul (or life-force) of the recently deceased to "reincarnate" into it’s next human body (forty-nine days is also the point at which the fetus differentiates into either the male or female sex). With this in mind, it is interesting to ponder what, if any, effect cloning (with an aged cell/chromosome) would have on the initial pineal DMT burst as "the dawning of consciousness" in the developing neural circuitry.

13 Jan, 2003

Q: Are the drones from Manta from the first n64 version of Zelda?
A: No. As I’ve said before, the drones come from a good friend of Maynard’s - a blue-eyed, mischievous friend.

13 Jan, 2003

Hopefully you will respond. After leaving school in Chicago to go home for the holidays, I planned to gift myself after a successful quarter. The gift was the Salival dvd/cd that is somehow sold out and now being sold for over $100.00 on Amazon. You probably know why or when they stopped printing the Salival dvd, but why is the vhs/cd still available? Do you think I should get the vhs at list price before they sell out?... A:
Yes. Buy it now or pay (dearly) later. I know that both formats of "Salival" were released as limited editions, and I was under the impression that they stopped manufacturing them some time ago. Therefore, I’m not sure why the vhs/cd is still available, unless a lot more dvds were sold (with the same number of vhs/cds printed). As for the list price, in my opinion, the faint audio message on "No Quarter" alone is worth the asking price... and then some (for those who are able to understand it). "IS IT A BOXED SET/IS IT NOT A BOXED SET?.. I AM PERPLEXED" M And speaking of Salival, back in the winter of 2001 e.v., a friend of mine sent me a clipping about the marketing of Tool’s boxed set that appeared in the "Riverfront Times" (which I believe is a St. Louis, MO. publication). In the article, the writer/music critic couldn’t figure out how a single dvd/cd or vhs/cd (containing nine tracks and four videos) constituted a box set. In his own words: "So, having purchased, listened to, watched, absorbed, ruminated upon, eaten and expelled Tool’s Salival for the better part of two weeks, it is with great regret that your humble musical scribe must resort to the last words of Aleister Crowley by way of assessment: "I am perplexed." However, in the end, the guy seemed to get it: "Salival costs only slightly more than a brand-new CD. Huh? The record industry works on a simple principle: They won’t release it if they don’t think they’re going to make their money back and then some. A brand-new copy of Aenima, Tool’s last album, costs around 15 bucks. For about 8 bucks more, Salival gives you the CD, a video, a full-color hardbound CD book and a fancy, too-big-for-your-shelf slipcase to hold it all." Although the article focuses primarily on the marketing of Tool, and the various reasons why the band/record company would choose to "unleash this strange beast now", my favorite part was the writer’s answer to his own question: "Because this strangely formatted maxi-album/mini-boxed set epitomizes the trouble with marketing Tool... Think about it: Where exactly does Tool fit in the musical world? The band first appeared in the post-grunge alternative-rock signing frenzy of the Lollapalooza days, but they’re not really grungy or alternative. They’ve played Ozzfest, but they aren’t really heavy metal or nu metal. They release new albums only slightly more frequently than Guns n’ Roses, yet they maintain a loyal following. They espouse drug use for psychic exploration, Enochian magic, spiritual growth and the pursuit of arcane and esoteric knowledge. Are they a rock band, an art project, or a secret magical society?" (italics mine).

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