05.04 we have launched our new site, now you can be in course of all our concert dates.

Ensemble AUS was founded in 2001 by Aram Hovhannisyan, Artyom Manoukyan and Artur Avanesov as a trio flute/cello/piano, having an aim to perform the music written by young composers from different countries.

Before the creation of the ensemble, every one of its 3 performers played repeatedly new music and had certain publicity in Armenia and abroad.

It was supposed to create an ensemble with mobile instrumentation: i.e., the quantity of players had to be changed from concert to concert, involving every time new musicians.
Vladimir Yaskorski (violin) and Armen Ghazaryan (clarinet) amplified the hardcore of the ensemble in September and October 2002 correspondently. Also, the main trio was changed to main quintet. Parallelely to this change, new performing aims have arisen. Saving the newest music as a central point of their attention, the musicians have enlarged their range of interests, including in their programs the compositions of XX century classics and even baroque music.

Also the certain traditions of the ensemble have shaped. It was decided, for example, that every player of the ensemble must perform at least 1 solo recital per year, including without fail in their programs music written before XX century.

Till today, Ensemble AUS had performed a number of premieres of works of Armenian and foreign composers, besides, some compositions were written especially for them.
Recitals and concert tours of the ensemble were illuminated in Armenian and foreign press; the performances of musicians were often broadcasted by Armenian Radio and TV channels.

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