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19 Mar, 2003

"Blair, In case you hadn’t been informed, this last weekend a guitar signed by the band members was auctioned for $6100 on KSJO in San Jose. The proceeds went to the Tracy Biletnikoff foundation which helps support the prevention of substance abuse and gender violence through education. Tracy was the daughter of Oakland Raider Fred Biletnikoff. The $6000 was more than what was paid last year for three autographed Raider Jerseys from Raider Hall of Famers. Being a fellow Raider fan I thought you might like to know, plus it went to a great cause." From my many visits to the Bay Area (in particular to Santa Clara), I know that KSJO plays an awful lot of Tool music during the day and night, and not just the same songs over and over like some other stations. Also, I believe there might be a photo of the signed guitar on the Tracy Biletnikoff website, it surrounded by Raider players including, interestingly enough, pro-bowl center Barret Robbins who wasn’t allowed to play in the Superbowl last January. I wonder if Danny has seen this?

13 Mar, 2003

Ben Sherazi’s band "Lotus Eater" will be performing at the Knitting Factory here in Hollywood on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). Barring any major calamities from drunks or Leprechauns, or, even worse, from drunken Leprechauns, the group is set to take the stage in the "Alterknit Lounge" at 11:00 PM sharp. For those that haven’t seen Lotus Eater (you might recall that I forgot to mention them at last March’s ‘Black Easter’ gig), this is a kind of a Syd Barrett thing (i.e. thought provoking music), the brain child of songwriter/producer Sherazi. In fact, I believe Danny played tabla on the band’s latest recording (a four song EP), on the song "Outweighed", with ex-Tool bass player Paul D’Amour adding some nice touches with a Mellotron on "Helpless Spectator." The Knitting Factory is located at 7021 Hollywood Blvd. Admission is $7.00 at the door.

12 Mar, 2003

Danny and the boys of Pigmy Love Circus will be playing at Spaceland in Silverlake on March 20. The "pigs" are slated to take the stage at 10:00 PM so plan on arriving early to secure your favorite spot (besides, nothing pisses Savage off more than people showing up halfway through the set, and believe me, you don’t want to piss off the kilted one). The band will be performing several of the lovely ballads from their new cd "The Power of Beef" as well as some of their earlier stuff. Also, this will be the first show with the newest pig, John Ziegler helping Petey (Fletcher) and Shepherd out on the guitar riffs, so it’s kind of a historic event (but then again, aren’t all the Pigmy shows in Los Angeles).

07 Mar, 2003

The "Lateralus" 2 LP vinyl records being auctioned off on ebay are unauthorized bootlegs.

04 Mar, 2003

"The Magical Revival contains a detailed analysis of certain occult traditions which existed long before the Christian epoch, survived its persecutions and anathemas and reappeared in recent times with renewed vigor. The continuity of this magical current as reflected in the work of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), Austin Osman Spare (1889-1956), Dion Fortune (1891-1946), Charles Stansfeld Jones (1886-1950) and others is here traced through the Tantric Tradition of the Far East, the Sumerian Cult of Shaitan and the Draconian, Sabean, or Typhonian rites of the "dark" dynasties of Egypt." Thus wrote British occultist Kenneth Grant in 1972 in the first volume of his Typhonian Trilogies entitled The Magical Revival. In the introduction to this lucid account of magick, he explained (with hopes that the reader would appreciate) that with the "peculiar method employed in the construction of the book", he utilized the method of ‘symbolic metathesis’, when the subject matter requires that veil of secrecy demanded no less today of the occultist than of the Hierophant of ancient times." And then, as if to show that he is was not a ‘grudging alchemist’, he added: "With this difference: I have introduced no blinds, no deliberately misleading statements or vague allusions to formulate that cannot be shown to be as precise in their action and reaction as their analogues in the more orthodox sciences." While considered by many to be the premier practitioner of experimental occultism alive today, Grant, (who is currently the O.H.O. the Typhonian O.T.O.) continues to be a controversial figure in certain occult circles, although even his harshest critics (mainly those who are unable to appreciate "the surreal flavour"of his writing style) are forced to acknowledge his many valuable contributions in the field of Western esotericism, in particular his comments on the dark feminine esoteric principle and other genuine Tantric techniques that are designed to unseal little known dimensions of consciousness and to facilitate traffic with the various entities that inhabit these oblique realms of existence, those which he has openly evaluated in the nine volumes which comprise the "Typhonian Trilogies." In these beautifully produced books (which contain numerous illustrations by his graphic-artist wife, Steffi), Grant has elucidated and elaborated on the magical systems of Crowley (with whom he studied with during the1940s, and who A.C. considered to be "a definite gift from the Gods"), Austin Osman Spare (who he befriended in the 1950s), Frater Achad and several other contemporary Adepts, having made accessible to students of the Arte Magical various keys of Eastern mysticism, further pushing the envelope on the left-hand path sex magick tradition with each successive volume. Of particular interest to those who explore Thelemic sex magick is Grant’s detailed accounts of the authentic Vama Marga, focusing on the unique magical properties of the amrita (psychosexual fluids) secreted by the Shakti/Scarlet Woman. The Typhonian Trilogies in order of appearance are The Magical Revival, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Cults of the Shadow, Nightside of Eden, Outside the Circles of Time, Hecate’s Fountain, Outer Gateways, Beyond the Mauve Zone, and The Ninth Arch. In The Ninth Arch (which is essentially a commentary on a received text known as the Book of the Spider [OKBISh], Grant continues to evaluate a "genuine contact with occult forces" - those that possess a certain knowledge "concerning important terrestrial events" and to warn those "of the dangers that lie ahead of those unprepared to invoke the Sign of Protection against the oncoming wave of Outer Forces set to assume control of the planet." As with the other volumes of the Typhonian Trilogies, in the exhaustive commentary on the grimoire, Grant constructs a magical mirror to, as his heir apparent, Michael Staley once wrote, "sound specific echoes in the consciousness of the receptive reader..." In the perspective for The Ninth Arch, it is suggested that another of Grant’s books, Against the Light: a Nightside Narrative (Starfire publishing, 1997) "should serve as a helpful and explanatory ‘footnote’ to the circumstances existing at the time OKBISh was ‘received.’ Those writings of Kenneth Grant that were published by Starfire are available from certain occult bookstores, and can also be purchased directly from the publisher. For more information on ordering copies of Against the Light, Snakewand, Beyond the Mauve Zone, and The Ninth Arch, please send enquiries to

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