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"ASTGIK" National Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts of Armenia


Is a voluntary, non-political organization based on the satisfaction of the spiritual and material demands of its members. The purpose of the organization is to develop in girls' and women intellectual, spiritual, physical and social potential; the formation of the character both as an individual and responsible citizen of the country.
We participate in the realization of programs of WAGGGS (of better way of life, defense of nature, preparation for family life).
The organization in Armenia has been acting since 1996 and was authorized by Ministry of Justice in December 1998.

The Association provides the following:
- Enables girl scouts to find different interests, learning to be confident and self-controlled
- Serves for bringing up to be responsible enable to make decisions
- Reminds of the importance of family duties, evaluation and the participation of different individuals in the social life.
- Enables girls to estimate the life and to be brought up according to their own decisions, actions, to reveal the truth of life and enjoy it
- The type of activity by means of which girls have an opportunity to enjoy the participation in adventures that helps them to overcome the difficulties
- It is useful and interesting.

If you are interested in our Association and if you wish to get additional information about “Astgik” (our association has its branches all over the country), if you like to become a member of the Association and enter the wonderful world of scouting we are waiting for you and your mails.













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