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Training for Leaders

In the Nature



The activity of the Association is based mainly on classes which are held during the whole year in branches. The classes are arranged twice a week. At the classes the children obtain various disciplines and skills that will be applied in the future. The peculiarity of the classes is that the children not only attend the classes but participate there as well.
The Association carries out lots of training in different fields. Trainings are arranged as on local and international levels as well. During its activity the Association regularly participates in the trainings arranged by international Associations (WAGGGS, TACIS, PHARE…).
The Association took part in trainings held in Georgia, the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Scotland, Italy where the following themes were discussed: Management Course, TRAINER training, Conflictology, Guiding, the scouting on international levels, Educational programmes and etc..

Besides, there were lots of purposeful visits organized for experience exchange. Trainings and seminars for leaders, trainers or general trainings are held in Armenia for them who are interested in the Association.
The Association with the Haikazuns' National Association arrange such charitable arrangements as the assistance to the orphanages, beneficial concerts and festivals.
During all its activity the Association organizes annual jamborees with more than 1000 children-participants and youngsters. The participants of jamboree can be not only people from various regions of Armenia but from CIS and other countries as well. Such jamborees provide the connection with the nature and acquaintance with new persons inside of Armenia and all over the world.
The Association also carried out such long-term programmes as “We and the Nature”, “A Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body”.
In summer of 1999 the Association took part in the 30th World Conference of WAGGGS, representing the Republic of Armenia among 140 countries.
The relationship with many foreign countries and their girl scouts was created. Every things is arranged for NAGGGS to be developed and enlarged.
The Association co-operates both with Armenian and foreign NGOs.
If you have any proposal or projects, please, mail us.


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