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"Communic. Technologies"
October 2001

In Finland





August 2001

Logo of Armenian National Jamboree 2001






European Conference
07-13 July 2001







Associate Visit
18-21 June 2001

Ginny Redford in Verin Dvin




Working With New Publics
21-27 May 2001





14-18 March 2001


Visit to Armenia
19-23 January 2001

Barbara Calvi visit to Abovyan





A European Seminar "Communication Technologies in Guiding and Scouting" was held in Paimio, Finland 20-26.10.2001. About 27 scouts from different European countries of the world have been participating the seminar and an Armenian scout was among them. The aim of the seminar was to develop new ideas for better relationship between guides and scouts using communication technologies. Each day had a specific topic like "Scouting in future", "Media", "Mobile", "Scouting today" and of course for the closing of the seminar each had to present his personal plan of action. During the week participants had an opportunity to visit the Museum of Electricity in Paimio, Scout Museum in Turku and one of the brightest representatives of New Technologies - The factory of NOKIA Telephones. For the opening of the seminar participants had an "International Evening" during which each represented his organization and his country (with traditional food, drinks, songs, dances and games). For the closing of the wonderful week all participants were given Certificates for attending the European seminar ""Communication Technologies in Guiding and Scouting".

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In August 2001 in the training center "Nor Berd" a yearly national jamboree took place. Lot of children from all regions of Armenia came here. Children were glad to join the jamboree arrangement works. There were organized a lot of different activities directed on the development of child's personality. Guides took part in various sport competitions, games.Also there were organized several activities on development of tourist skills. The directors of the jamboree and leaders are not scared of holding experiments and this year didn't become an exception. The project "Yes for children" was also discussed and the guides took active part in it.
After the long day of work children could have a rest during their evening program. Here they could express their talents in singing, dancing, drama.
This year we had guests from Denmark. Lea Busk Klausen and Annemette Hommel had been living with us only for three days and it was enough for them to make friends with leaders and girls. There was done a lot of work. The guests could meet with the representatives of the different committees and discuss interesting questions. Armenian guides were very glad to accept such guests and we think we're hospitable to them.
As always the children parted reluctantly. But the new year comes and new parties will have place.

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7-13 July in Prague, Czech a regular European Conference took place. The representatives of all European countries came here. The CIS countries didn't become the exception too. Armenian delegation was presented by two participants the chairman of NAGGGS Gohar Mkhitaryan and the National Commissioner Amalya Mkhitaryan. It was the first time for Armenia to participate in the Conference.
One of the points in the agenda was the re-election of European Bureau.
Armenian delegation had warm meetings with the representatives of other associations and they had a chance to discuss some more questions with French guides, Bulgarian Guides etc. Also they met with Danish Guides (KFUK). During the meetings the representatives of two associations worked out the strategy for future and on the closing ceremony the bilateral agreement was signed.

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Ginny Redford, the president of WAGGGS and Stella Erricson responsible for the CIS countries (European Bureau) visited Armenia in June 18th - 21st. The aim of their trip was the acquaintance with a structure of NAGGGS, its development in general. There were organized several trips round the regions of Armenia. The guests had chance to visit the branches of NAGGGS in Abovyan, Bureghavan, Sisian, Jermuk and Verin Dvin. The meetings with Ginny Redford and Stella Erricson raised great enthusiasm in leaders and guides. There were discussed many different questions and points concerning the growth of the organization, the program and public relations.
Also there were hold meetings with local representations of the government in Jermuk, Sisian, Bureghavan,. They marked the contribution of guiding in the development of international ships.
Meetings on a high level also took place. The President of NAGGGS Gohar Mkhitaryan and the president of WAGGGS Ginny Redford called up the Ministry if Education and met with the first assistant of the minister Aida Topuzyan. They spoke about the situation with modern education in Armenia, about joint projects with other women organizations. Also there were organized meetings with the first assistant of Minister of Justice Gevorg Malkhasyan, the chairman of YNC Manvel Badalyan, the chairman of Women Council Nora Hakobyan and with the assistant of Yerevan city mayor Firdus Zakaryan.

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The seminar devoted to the new public involvement in Scouting and Guiding was held in Budapest from 21st to 27th of May. Representatives from more than 20 countries took part in the seminar. Besides Armenia, from the former Soviet Republics were Belarus and Ukraine. There were guests as well.
The work was held both in small groups - patrols, where separate items were discussed, and in common plenaries, where participants exchanged ideas and came to conclusions. At the beginning the benefits of scouting were defined and approaches and methods were discussed. Then plans were made on subregional levels, and unfamiliar with scouting persons were invited and these plans were implemented in real experiments.
The seminar was organized very well and the Council of Europe did its best to provide the success of it. The seminar was held in warm ambiance and was useful in terms of exchange of experience and obtaining of new information.

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"Eurolearn" Conference for those responsible for the non-formal education of young people and leaders training in National Associations was held from 14-18 March 2001, Rome, Italy. During the Conference the participants had a chance to exchange their experience and good practice in identifying the main challenges and perspectives in the field of leaders' training and educational programme.
Taking part in this fantastic thinking process was a great opportunity to look for new ideas and solutions. The event was a useful platform to find the "identity" of the educational programme and leaders' training provided in Guiding.

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In January 19-23, 2001 Barbara Calvi member of WAGGGS Europe Committee called on Armenia with the working visit. The aim of the visit was the evaluation of the development of the National Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of Armenia (NAGGGS) "Astgik".
During the visit she had an opportunity to meet the guide groups and their leaders in several branches of Armenia. Here she got acquainted with work of branches on local levels. Also in one of the marzes (Gegarkunik) she took part in the presentation training.
There was organized the meeting with the National Council of the Association, where questions concerning the membership of WAGGGS were discussed. They spoke about the performed work of NAGGGS "Astgik" as well as its problems and needs. The chat also included the discussion of plans on future.
A meeting with the vice chairman of the parliament committee on Education and Youth was one of the important moments of the visit in general. Also Barbara Calvi had a meeting with the president of Women Council of Armenia.
In the result of these meetings there were achieved some agreements on co-operation and mutual aid.
The press conference held in the Armenpress center was the summing up session of Barbara Calvi's visit.
All mass media of Armenia threw light upon the press-conference.

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